• Attack Run

Epic Event.

Deploy on Death Star: Trench.
During your move phase, you may make an Attack Run as follows:
Enter Trench: Move up to 3 of your starfighters into trench (for free). Dark Side may immediately follow with up to 3 TIEs (for free).
Provide Cover: Identify your lead starfighter (Proton Torpedoes* required) and wingmen (if any). Turbolaser Batteries and TIEs with weapons may now target your starfighters (wingmen first, then lead if no wingmen remaining). Hit starfighters are immediately lost.
It's Away!: Draw two destiny.
Pull Up!: All starfighters now move to Death Star system (for free). If (total destiny +X +Y -Z) > 15, Death Star is "blown away."
X = ability of lead pilot or 3 if Targeting Computer is present.
Y = total sites at largest Rebel Base (Yavin 4 or Hoth).
Z = highest ability of TIE pilots in trench.
*Your proton torpedoes are immune to Overload.

A New Hope, R2

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Attack Run

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