Hidden Base/Systems Will Slip Through Your Fingers


[Front Side]: Deploy Rendezvous Point. Place a planet system (with a parsec number from 1 to 8) from outside your Reserve Deck face down on your side of table (not in play); that card indicates the planet where your "Hidden Base" is located.
While this side up, once during each of your deploy phases, may deploy one system from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Opponent loses no more than 1 Force from each of your Force drains at systems and sectors.
Flip this card any time after you have deployed five battleground systems and your "Hidden Base" system.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, to draw a card from Force Pile, opponent must first use 1 Force. For each battleground system you control, you may cancel one opponent's Force drain (limit twice per turn). You may not deploy any systems. At each system opponent occupies during any deploy phase, opponent may 'probe' there by placing one card from hand face down beneath that system.
Place out of play if "Hidden Base" system is 'probed;' Dark Side places 'probe' cards in Used Pile (and may retrieve 1 Force for each Probe Droid used to 'probe').

Special Edition, R

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