Mind What You Have Learned/Save You It Can


[Front Side]: Deploy Dagobah system (may not be converted).
While this side up, during your deploy phase, may deploy Luke, Yoda (deploy -2), Yoda's Hope, At Peace and/or Luke's Backpack to Dagobah from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Whenever you draw training destiny, draw two and choose one. Place Luke's completed Jedi Tests on table. Your cards at Dagobah may not Force drain or contribute to Force retrieval. Add 4 to each player's destiny draw for Sense and Alter.
Flip this card when Luke completes Jedi Test #5.\
[Back Side]: Immediately retrieve 10 Force and place destiny card from Jedi Test #5 on that Jedi Test.
While this side up, during your move phase, may use 3 Force to take Luke into hand from a location you control (cards on Luke go to owner's Used Pile). Luke's Jedi Tests are suspended (not lost) whenever Luke not on table. Luke may ignore location deployment restrictions. Opponent may not play Sense or Alter.
Place out of play if you Force drain at Dagobah or if Luke is placed out of play. Cancel Luke's Jedi Tests.

Special Edition, R

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