Rescue The Princess/Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself


[Front Side]: Deploy Detention Block Corridor (with Leia of ability < 4 imprisoned there), Docking Bay 327, Yavin 4: Docking Bay and Yavin 4: War Room.
While this side up, your spies, 8D8, Revolution, Death Star Plans and Detention Block Control Room may not deploy to Death Star. Cards that release captives are immune to Sense and Alter. May not play Nabrun Leids.
Flip this card if you move Leia to Yavin 4: War Room.
Place out of play if Leia is lost from table (you may not deploy Death Star Plans for remainder of game).\
[Back Side]: While this side up, for opponent to initiate a Force drain, opponent must use +1 Force. During battle, opponent's unique (*) characters, vehicles and starships lost from table are placed out of play; Leia adds one battle destiny; attrition against opponent is +2; and Imperials, Dark Jedi and Imperial starships lose all immunity to attrition.
Flip this card if Leia is captured.
Place out of play if Leia is lost from table.

Special Edition, R

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