Carbon Chamber Testing/My Favorite Decoration


[Front Side]: Deploy Carbonite Chamber, Carbonite Chamber Console and Security Tower with a Rebel (opponent's choice) from opponent's Reserve Deck (if possible) imprisoned there.
While this side up, once during each of your deploy phases, you may deploy from Reserve Deck one Audience Chamber, Docking Bay 94 or East Platform; reshuffle. You may not play Dark Deal.
Flip this card if you move a frozen captive to Audience Chamber (or if no Rebel was in opponent's Reserve Deck at start of game).\
[Back Side]: While this side up, your aliens and [Independent] starships are immune to attrition < 4 and, once during each of your control phases, you may retrieve 1 Force. While you have a frozen captive at Audience Chamber, Scum And Villainy is immune to Alter and during your deploy phase, you may deploy Scum And Villainy from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Place out of play if there are no frozen captives on table (unless no Rebel was in opponent's Reserve Deck at start of game).

Special Edition, R

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