Rebel Strike Team/Garrison Destroyed


[Front Side]: Deploy Endor system and Rebel Landing Site.
While this side up, opponent loses no more than 1 Force from each of your Force drains at Endor locations. Once during each of your deploy phases, may use 2 Force to take one Bunker or Deactivate The Shield Generator into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Flip this card if Bunker "blown away" or if, during your move phase, you control three exterior Endor sites (with two Rebel scouts at each).
Place out of play if Endor "blown away."\
[Back Side]: While this side up, at each Endor site where you have a Rebel scout, your Force drains may not be modified or canceled by opponent, except by a 'react'. Rebel scouts are immune to attrition < 4. Once during each of your draw phases, may retrieve one Rebel scout of ability < 3. Your Epic Event destiny draws are each +2.
Flip this card (unless Bunker "blown away") if, during an opponent's move phase, opponent controls three exterior Endor sites or Endor system.
Place out of play if Endor is "blown away."

Endor, R

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