There Is Good In Him/I Can Save Him


[Front Side]: Deploy Chief Chirpa's Hut (with [Death Star II] Luke and Luke's Lightsaber there), Endor: Landing Platform and I Feel The Conflict.
For remainder of game, you may not play Alter, Strangle, or Captive Fury.
While this side up, your Force generation is +2 at Luke's site. While an Imperial is at Landing Platform, you may not Force drain or generate Force at Luke's location. When any Imperial is at Luke's site, Luke is captured (seized by an Imperial, if possible, even if not a warrior).
Flip this card if Luke captured.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, at end of each of opponent's turns, opponent loses 2 Force unless Vader is escorting Luke. At any time, an Imperial escorting Luke may transfer Luke to Vader, if present. Vader may not transfer Luke. Once during each of your turns, if Vader present with Luke (even as a non-frozen captive), may shuffle Reserve Deck and draw destiny. If destiny > 14, Vader crosses to Light Side, totally depleting opponent's Life Force.
Flip if Luke neither present with Vader nor a captive.

Death Star II, R

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