Bring Him Before Me/Take Your Father's Place


[Front Side]: Deploy Throne Room, Insignificant Rebellion and Your Destiny.
For remainder of game, Scanning Crew may not be played. Opponent's cards that place a character out of play may not target Luke. You may deploy Emperor (deploy -2) from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Opponent may deploy Luke from Reserve Deck (deploy -2; reshuffle) or Lost Pile. If Luke is present with Vader and Vader is not escorting a captive, Luke is captured and seized by Vader. Vader may not transfer Luke.
Flip this card if Luke captured.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, lose 1 Force at end of each of your turns. Once during each of your turns, when Vader, Luke (even as a non-frozen captive) and Emperor are all present at your Throne Room, you may initiate a Luke/Vader duel: Each player draws two destiny. Add ability. Highest total wins. If Vader wins, opponent loses 3 Force. If Luke wins, shuffle Reserve Deck and draw destiny; if destiny > 12, Luke crosses to Dark Side, totally depleting opponent's Life Force.
Flip if Luke neither present with Vader nor a captive.

Death Star II, R

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