Plead My Case To The Senate/Sanity And Compassion


[Front Side]: Deploy Galactic Senate and any other [Episode 1] location.
For remainder of game, Rebel and Imperial leaders of ability < 4 are politics +2. Counter Assault and Surprise Assault are canceled. You may deploy cards on your Political Effects to table. At Galactic Senate, weapon destiny draws are -6, creatures are lost and game text of non-Republic characters is canceled.
Flip this card if you have 3 senators (or 2 senators, at least one with a peace agenda ) at Galactic Senate.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, once during your control phase may use 3 Force to place up to two random cards from opponent's hand into their Used Pile. Once per turn may take a Political Effect into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Your senators are destiny +2 (or +3 for any character with an order agenda ) when drawn for battle or weapon destiny. May use 2 Force at end of turn to place all cards on your Political Effects into Used Pile.
Flip this card if you have less than two senators at Galactic Senate.

Coruscant, U

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