My Lord, Is That Legal?/I Will Make It Legal


[Front Side]: Deploy Galactic Senate and any other [Episode 1] location.
For remainder of game, Rebel and Imperial leaders of ability < 4 are politics +2. Counter Assault and Surprise Assault are canceled. Your Republic characters are immune to Goo Nee Tay. Cards on your Political Effects may deploy to table. At Galactic Senate, weapon destiny draws are -6, creatures are lost and game text of non-Republic characters is canceled.
Flip this card if you have 3 senators (or 2 senators, at least 1 with a blockade agenda ) at Galactic Senate.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, once during your control phase may use 3 Force to place up to two random cards from opponent's hand into their Used Pile. Once per turn may take a Political Effect into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Your senators are destiny +2 (or +3 if senator has an ambition agenda ) when drawn for weapon or battle destiny. May use 2 Force at end of any turn to place all cards on your Political Effects into Used Pile.
Flip this card if you have less than two senators at Galactic Senate.

Coruscant, U

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