No Money, No Parts, No Deal!/You're A Slave?


[Front Side]: Deploy Watto's Junkyard and Mos Espa.
For remainder of game, Watto's Junkyard is immune to Revolution. If Watto at Watto's Junkyard, opponent may use 8 Force to place Watto in Used Pile and you may retrieve up to 4 Force.
While this side up, Qui-Gon is power +3. Opponent loses no more than 1 Force from your Force drains at Tatooine sites.
Flip this card if Watto present at Watto's Junkyard and you occupy Mos Espa.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, once during each of your deploy phases, may place a card from hand face down on your side of the table and opponent must choose to lose 2 Force (you place card in Used Pile) or use 2 Force (you deploy that card for free). If opponent uses 2 Force and you cannot deploy card, lose 2 Force and card is lost. Opponent's non-unique aliens are each deploy +3.
Flip this card if Watto not present at Watto's Junkyard or you do not occupy Mos Espa.

Coruscant, U

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