We Have A Plan/They Will Be Lost And Confused


[Front Side]: Deploy Theed Palace Throne Room, Theed Palace Hallway, and Theed Palace Courtyard.
For remainder of game, you may not deploy cards with ability except [Episode 1] Jedi, aliens, [Episode 1] vehicles, Republic characters, and [Republic] starships. Your Destiny is suspended. You lose no Force to Vengeance Of The Dark Prince.
While this side up, you may not deploy characters to interior Naboo sites. Once per turn, may activate 1 Force.
Flip this card if you control Theed Palace Throne Room (with Amidala there).\
[Back Side]: While this side up, you lose no more than 2 Force to any Force drain. Your [Republic] starships are power +2 and immunity to attrition of [Trade Federation] starships is canceled. If opponent just drew a battle destiny greater than three, you may use 1 Force to cancel that battle destiny. During your control phase, opponent loses 2 Force for each battleground site you control with Amidala or Panaka.
Flip this card if opponent controls Theed Palace Throne Room.

Theed Palace, U

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