Invasion/In Complete Control


[Front Side]: Deploy Naboo system with Blockade Flagship there, Naboo: Swamp, and Droid Racks.
For remainder of game, you may not deploy cards with ability except [Trade Federation] starships and characters with 'Trade Federation' in lore. Civil Disorder is canceled.
While this side up, once during your deploy phase may deploy a Naboo site from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Opponent's Force icons at Naboo system are canceled.
Flip this card if you control Theed Palace Throne Room (with a Neimoidian there) and Naboo system.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, you lose no more than 2 Force to any Force drain. Your battle droids deploy -1. If you have two [Presence] droids with different card titles (or a [Presence] droid and a Neimoidian) in battle at a site, draw two battle destiny if unable to otherwise. Your droid starfighters are immune to attrition < 3. If opponent just drew an Interrupt for battle destiny, once per battle you may place that card out of play.
Flip this card if opponent controls Naboo system or Theed Palace Throne Room.

Theed Palace, U

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