Agents In The Court/No Love For The Empire


[Front Side]: Deploy Hutt Trade Route and a Jabba's Palace site. May deploy Yarna d'al' Gargan. Reveal one unique (*) alien from your deck whose lore specifies its species. This card is your Rep.
For remainder of game, your Rep is a leader. Yarna d'al' Gargan is immune to Alter. You may not deploy 'insert' cards or operatives. While a rancor is at Rancor Pit, Trap Door is immune to Bo Shuda.
Flip this card if you occupy two battleground sites (must occupy a third with a non-unique alien of your Rep's species if a non-Tatooine location is on table).\
[Back Side]: While this side up, once per turn you may cancel a Force drain or a just-drawn battle destiny by placing here from hand a copy of your Rep. Once during each of your control phases, you may retrieve a non-unique alien of your Rep's species. When two of your aliens are battling at any Tatooine location, add one destiny to total power. For remainder of game, your Rep may deploy from here as if from hand.
Flip this card if you do not occupy 2 battleground sites.

Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck, PM

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