Watch Your Step/This Place Can Be A Little Rough


[Front Side]: Deploy Cantina, Docking Bay 94, and Tatooine system.
For remainder of game, opponent activates no Force at your Cantina. Your cards with ability are deploy +6 except Luke, smugglers, freighters, and [Independent] starships. Opponent's game text on Kessel system is canceled.
While this side up, once during each of your deploy phases, may take Corellia or Kessel into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Flip this card if you occupy two battlegrounds with smugglers or have completed two Kessel Runs.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, your Force generation is +1 at each system you control with a smuggler. Opponent's Force generation at non-battlegrounds is limited to 1. When you have two or more smugglers in a battle, add one battle destiny. Each of your smugglers is forfeit +2. Once during each turn, may play one interrupt from Lost Pile as if from hand (then place that card out of play). Sense, Alter, and Keep Your Eyes Open may not be played.
Flip this card if you do not occupy two battlegrounds (unless you have completed two Kessel Runs).

Reflections II, PM

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