Agents Of Black Sun/Vengeance Of The Dark Prince


[Front Side]: Deploy Imperial City (with Xizor there) and Coruscant system.
For remainder of game, your aliens with 'Black Sun' in lore, bounty hunters, and information brokers are Black Sun agents. You may not deploy cards with ability except Black Sun agents, Emperor, or [Independent] starships. During your control phase, each of your bounty hunters may make a regular move to an adjacent site where there is a bounty. Scanning Crew may not be played.
Flip this card if Xizor is at a battleground site and Luke is not at a battleground site.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, once per turn, may place a card from hand in Used Pile to peek at cards in your Force Pile. Once during each of your battle phases, may peek at top X cards of any Reserve Deck, where X = number of locations you occupy. For each Black Sun agent in battle, attrition against opponent is +1. During your control phase, opponent loses 1 Force for each battleground location occupied by Xizor or Emperor.
Flip this card if Luke is at a battleground site or if Xizor is not on table.

Reflections II, PM

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