Massassi Base Operations/One In A Million


[Front Side]: Deploy Yavin 4 system and Yavin 4: Docking Bay.
For remainder of game, you may not play Revolution or Force drain at Yavin 4 sites or sectors.
While this side up, you generate no more than 1 Force from each Yavin 4 site. Once during each of your deploy phases, may deploy one Yavin 4 site from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Each Imperial is deploy +2 to Yavin 4.
Flip this card if you control three Yavin 4 sites and opponent controls fewer than three Yavin 4 sites.
Place out of play if Yavin 4 is "blown away."\
[Back Side]: While this side up, may deploy Death Star system without completing Death Star Plans. Once during each of your deploy phases, may take one Rebel Tech, Death Star system, Attack Run or Proton Torpedoes into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Your total power is +3 in battles at systems. If Death Star is "blown away," adds 3 to Force lost for each opponent's Death Star site and, for remainder of game, your Force drains at battleground systems where you have a starfighter present with a pilot character aboard are each +2.

Third Anthology, PM

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