Let Them Make The First Move/At Last We Will Have Revenge


[Front Side]: Deploy Theed Palace Generator Core, Theed Palace Generator, and Deep Hatred.
While this side up, opponent may not Force drain where opponent has a Jedi, and your Force drains at Naboo sites where you have a Dark Jedi may not be canceled. Once during your control phase, may target one opponent's character present with your Dark Jedi at an interior Theed Palace site. Target is lost.
Flip this card if an opponent's Jedi is present at an interior Naboo battleground site.\
[Back Side]: While this side up, you may not Force drain or initiate battle at any location where you have a Dark Jedi. Once during your move phase, your Dark Jedi may initiate lightsaber combat against an opponent's Jedi present: Each player draws 2 destiny. Loser (lowest total) loses 2 Force (cannot be reduced). If difference is 5 or greater, lost Force must come from Reserve Deck, and losing character is lost.
Flip this card and retrieve 1 Force if opponent has no Jedi present at any interior Naboo battleground.

Reflections III, PM

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