Tatooine Nightfall

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galzheimer 8

Overview: This is a force drain and surprise high power trap react deck. Your goal is to setup multiple high force drain locations such as Tatooine: Jundland Wastes and Tatooine: Obi-Wan's Hut to drain for up to 7 force max each. This can be be achieved with these combos:

  • Tatooine: Jundland Wastes + Vaporator + Hydroponics Station + Ardon "Vapor" Crell + Tessek at Audience Chamber + Obi-Wan's Lightsaber + any non unique alien at this site = force drain for 7.
  • Tatooine: Obi-Wan's Hut with Revolution played on it + Vaporator + Hydroponics Station + Ardon "Vapor" Crell + Tessek at Audience Chamber + Obi-Wan's Lightsaber + any non unique alien at this site = force drain for 7.

Obviously Obi-Wan and his lightsaber can't be in two places at once though so in the best of circumstances you'll be force draining for 13 force using only two locations. If you have Underworld Contacts in play and the conditions met, your opponent cannot cancel or modify these either! That's near a quarter of your opponent's deck each turn if you can pull it off. Your opponent should be trying everything in their power to prevent you from force draining them which leads us to...

The Power Surprise: Snivvians are the unsung heroes of this deck. In the perfect circumstances they will each be power 5, forfeit 4, immune to attrition <3, deploy for free , and very importantly they can deploy as a react. Desired combo: Tessek and Geezum in Audience Chamber + Arleil Schous at same or adjacent site + Nightfall on Tatooine + 2X-3KPR (Tooex). Keep the number of characters at your main two force draining locations low and wait for the opponent to deploy and battle you on the same turn. React by playing as many Snivvians as you have available to overwhelm them. At 5 power each and with 10 in the deck, with the perfect situation you can drop an extra 50 power into a battle for FREE. In a real world scenario, you can easily have 6 or more Snivvians saved in your hand for at least 30 extra power at your disposal.

Sequence: Start with the Agents in the Court objective to begin the game with Tatooine: Hutt Trade Route (Desert) and Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber. Reveal Geezum as your 'Rep'. After flipping your objective, this lets you retrieve a Snivvian from your lost pile once per turn. Use a copy of The Signal as a starting interrupt to also begin the game with Uh-Oh! deployed. Uh-Oh!'s main benefit is in preventing Bo Shuda from being canceled. On your first turn, use the text of Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber to deploy Bo Shuda from your reserve deck. This allows you to deploy your unique aliens to Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber without the risk of being battled there. Draw cards into your hand until you have a Tatooine system card and either Nightfall or another copy of The Signal which you can use to pull Nightfall from your reserve deck. At this point you should have a few 2X-3KPR (Tooex) droids, Hydroponics Stations, and or Vaporators in your hand as well and can start setting up one of your two main force draining locations. If you have not drawn either site yet, you can use Geezum to grab them from your reserve deck if he is at an exterior site.

Other Tips: To keep your droids 2X-3KPR (Tooex) in play and applying their +2 power bonus to each of your characters use either a Droid Shutdown or Saurin as necessary.

If your opponent is force draining you at another site then deploy Boushh as an undercover spy. Spy's prevent force drains since they have presence and cannot be battled while undercover. They also move during your opponent's move phase so you can follow them around and prevent a force drain where ever they go. You may also move a copy of a 2X-3KPR (Tooex) droid to Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber and play A Gift on it to decrease your opponent's force drains by one every location where they have an alien present.

You Will Take Me To Jabba Now help you pull your aliens out of your reserve deck as needed. The Signal can help you pull any effect that deploys for free out of your reserve deck. Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes can be played to either grab a Snivvian out of your reserve deck when needed or can be used to retrieve up to 10 force from your lost pile if you happen to have all 10 of your Snivvians deployed on the table. Lastly, Kalit's Sandcrawler can help you survive a Sandstorm since its an enclosed vehicle.

May the force be with you.

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