Smuggler's Run (Kessel)

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galzheimer 8

Starting Cards: Watch Your Step Cantina Docking Bay 94 Tatooine The Signal Battle Plan & Draw their Fire

Kessel Run focused deck between Kessel and Corellia or Ralltiir. Use Watch Your Step to pull Corellia and Kessel into hand in your first few turns. YT-1300 Transport + Corellian Engineering Corporation + R2-X2 give you a starship with hyperspeed of 7 which is enough to travel from Corellia and Kessel in one turn. In the early game focus on flipping Watch Your Step over and keep it flipped by occupying two battleground systems to prevent Alter and Sense from being played against you. Worth noting that when Corellian Engineering Corporation is out Quad Laser Cannons deploy and fire for free on YT-1300 Transport and add 3 to their destiny draws when targeting starships. Pair with Hit And Run or Stay Sharp! to blow up your opponents ships without sticking around for the rest of the battle.

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