Theme Deck: Battle of Hoth

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None. Self-made deck here.
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minimalrho 4

A theme/duel deck matching the deck with the same name.


spuzz 1

Great themed deck.

minimalrho 4


Blizzard 6 5

I don't know if this will upset the themed-ness, but you might want an extra Portable Fusion Generator and E-web Blaster, for practicality's sake. It will be hard to get both cards together, especially without a Reactor Terminal. I bet the deck would be a lot of fun to play though!

minimalrho 4

Thanks for the advice! I haven't played these in a while, so some more rounds of playtesting might be good. I was thinking about that issue, and either taking them out all together or adding more supporting seems better than the status quo. Honestly, the artillery weapons rules can be a pain.