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Izzarp 2


Court - > Audience Chamber, Great Pit and Dungeon

Prepared Defenses - > All Wrapped Up, First Strike and Power of the Hutt

During the game:

Power of the Hutt (Each Turn) - > Pull a bunch of characters

Court (Each Turn) - > Pull a ship

Audience Chamber (once) - > Pull an alien

General strategy:

Use the above cards to pull ships and characters. Set up throughout Jabba's palace, noting which characters have synergy with one another (Ephant Mon + Jabba The Hutt; Boelo at AC or with Leader, etc.). If opponent engages in space, be sure to utilize Zuckuss in Mist's destiny cancelling ability (unless they have ability of 7). Once you drop Scum and Villainy, you retrieve 3 force when you initiate battle (2 from Scum And Villainy and 1 from First Strike). Additionally, in battles you win, All Wrapped Up will allow you to capture lost characters. Once you get your ships deployed, you can flip Court Of The Vile Gangster/I Shall Enjoy Watching You Die and retrieve even more force by transferring the captured character to the Dungeon or sacrificing them to the Rancor or Sarlacc. Between the battle retrieval, force drains and bounty, you should be able to outlast most opponents.

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