Theme Deck (DARK): Hidden Base vs That Thing's Operational

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Rev0lution 3

Decipher Only Themed Deck

Paired with Theme Deck (LIGHT): Hidden Base vs That Thing's Operational's latest version to maximize space battles and have competing objectives.

"Endor Operations" is not the focus of the deck at all, it's only there to start with Endor System AND Bunker in order to maximize T1 plays.

Beginning the game:

  1. Play Endor Operations -> Endor, Endor: Bunker, and Endor: Landing Platform on table
  2. Play Operational As Planned -> DS2 system, Jerjerrod, and Desperate Counter into hand


  1. Deploy DS2 system
  2. Deploy Desperate Counter
  3. Use Desperate Counter's game text to play Combat Response from Reserve Deck
  4. Use Bunker's game text to play Endor Shield from Reserve Deck
  5. Deploy Moff Jerjerrod to Bunker
  6. Use Jerjerrod's game text to start retrieving the DS2 sectors or Superlaser from your Reserve Deck
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