Trench Run: B-winging the Heat

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yung_leebo 2

Based on Zach Bunn's Trench Run(n) deck, but with additional emphasis on anti-capital ship mayhem and a slim chance to stack some bodacious destiny draws with the Falcon and her crew ("Never tell me the odds!"). Designed to be played against Death Star Dragnet. Not built to be in any way competitive, just to have some fun and see what it feels like to build a deck.

Missiles and ion cannons give the B-wings a chance to knock out a couple of star destroyers, with Power Pivot providing a shot at taking down the Executor. The ordnance also adds some nice destiny draws, and Superficial Damage allows the little ships to shed some weapons in order to stay on the table. Roche and Mon Calamari are staging areas to get Liberty and B-wings on the table at a slightly reduced cost. Ackbar can provide some support on the Liberty and hop into a starfighter should the need arise, or simply get blown off the bridge and into deep space should the Liberty be called upon to take one for the team and shield the starfighters with its recursive forfeit.

Han, Chewie, and Leia on the Falcon are there to provide additional muscle while the others attempt an attack run. Chewie and Tiree (in Gold 2) help keep Luke (or whoever is flying lead) alive during trench runs. Horton Salm is along for the ride because I loved flying him in X-Wing 1st Edition (PS8 Y-wing!), and his ion cannon could be all that stands between taking out Baron Fel and certain doom.

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