Starship - Force Drain [LIGHT]

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kadlard 1

Starting cards:

Location: Sullust

Starting Interupt: Heading For The Medical Frigate

Starting Events: Aim High, Squadron Assignments Your Insight Serves You Well - use to deploy Haven to Sullust.

Game Plan:

The rough idea is to deploy pilots and matching ships for cheap to Sullust (usually 1 force for both)

Their are a number of characters that add 1 to force drain at specific systems. (Theron Nett, Kin Kian, Elyhek Rue,Bren Quersey) Launching The Assault adds force drain when star cruiser present (have 2) The admirals order I'll Take The Leader adds force drain to docking bay. Lieutenant s'Too Vees is good on docking bay to deploy weapons Luke with a light saber adds to force drain.

Otherwise not sure what happens then. Haven't played a game with it yet so needs to be tested.

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