Shadows of the Empire (Light)

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Preston S 109

A light side smugglers deck built to be played against Shadows of the Empire (Dark).


Start WYS and Frigate for Squadron Assignments and Staging Areas.

Make Kessel runs

Depending on your opening hand, you can either set up in space, draining at Tatooine and Kessel, or at the Cantina.

A Kessel Run from Corellia retrieves 7 and can be done in in 2 turns in the Outrider or Falcon with the help of Leebo and A Few Maneuvers. Ralltiir is an easier run that retrieves 5, or 10 if done by a Ralltiir Freighter Captain.

After flip, use your powered up smugglers to contest battleground sites, drain, or continue making Kessel Runs until Black Sun is defeated!

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