NABOO - DS (Theme)

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Izzarp 2

This is the dark side of the Naboo theme, to be played against


Invasion/In Complete Control -> Naboo, Naboo: Swamp & Droid Racks

Prepared Defenses -> I Will Find Them Quickly, Master, The Phantom Menace & Naboo Occupation

On your first turn, use Blockade Flagship to pull Captain Daultay Dofine. He adds some power, attrition immunity and lets you pull Activate The Droids, that lets you retrieve a force when you initiate a battle with a droid on Naboo. You can also pull a site with Invasion/In Complete Control. I don’t have a huge preference, but Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway or Naboo: Theed Palace Throne Room are good to start. Once you drop Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway, you can use it to deploy 3B3-10 to Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway, which prevents movement towards Naboo: Theed Palace Throne Room.

Hopefully by turn 3, you draw a Neimoidian and plop them down on Naboo: Theed Palace Throne Room, which will let you flip. At this point, just stack your ships and pilots on Naboo and pair up your droids at Naboo sites. You can starve your opponent of force gen by controlling sites with droids with Naboo Occupation

If you draw a Trade Federation Landing Craft, you can use it to pill TT-6, which lets you grab a droid leader every turn. If you land Lord Maul, you can search for a Neimoidian every turn.

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